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Karbon fiber kompozit parça imalatı?..

We are looking for a company capable of producing various steel molds and parts from FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) and CF (Carbon Fiber) in autoclaves. We need 1.000 FRP parts in a year.

Also, looking for company with heat press technology capable to produce termoplastic material and satisfy following requirements:
Min. 160 tonne press
Min. 250 degrees Centigrade
Bed size of 3.000 mm x 1.500 mm
Press lift height min. 500 mm (Day light measurement)

We have drawings for the part which need to be made of FRP/CF and will be presented/forwarded to the interested parties.
While for the second part which need to be made on heavy thermo press, we don't have drawings at the moment.

*** Updated information as of 26-02-2013 ***

Companies should have experience in develop and manufacture of moulds and parts / components for special automotive industry and wind energy. Extensive experience in composite sector i.e vacuum infusion-glass and carbon fibre, layup or prepreg is higly desirable.

Our needs:
1- Mould/Tool manufacturing
2- Automotive part manufacturing
Parts made in a carbon outer layer with a FRP second layer, to be created using pre preg autoclave process and finished in a high gloss lacquer.

3- Heat press technology
As for this, we are looking for company who works with a new thermo plastic material and have experience in wind mill production. For the purpose we require info on press specs for wind mill rotor blades.

The specs of the press we require are:
Min 160 tonne press
Min 250 degrees Centigrade
Bed size of 3m x1.5m
Press lift height 500mm (Day light measurement)
If this can be achieved we would look at orders of each piece in the region of 200-1000 at a time.
We would supply the material directly to the factory (as we have an exclusive deal with the manufacturer)

Hope this information will give you much clear picture of our needs.

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