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4 farklı sac parça için kalıp imalatı?..

We are no.1 manufacturing company in our country. Now we are going to manufacture rice cooker in our factory. For this reason we need dies for sheet metal parts. So we are expecting to get some quality die quotation from Turkey.

After that we will search for machine/tooling option from Turkey.

İlgili dosyalar: 2D/3D PDF files, product photos, material specifications... (açık link, üye firmalara ayrıca gönderilmiştir) (7,7MB)

Some information is given below:


Our Requirement is given below:

1. You have to make quotation with process flow diagram showing all steps with required machine  for these four metal parts separately.

Please see the following picture as an example.

2. You have to mention Die Specification, Die Material, Mould/Die Life (How many pcs?) with your quotation also.

Hope you will send quotation as early as possible. And if you need any information please let me know. We are waiting for reply.


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